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Professional and affordable home and online tutoring service by our qualified math tutors, available for all levels: Primary, Secondary, VCE, University and Adult.

We cater for one-on-one private tuition, online math tutoring and group sessions.


Welcome to Our Website

imgAll our tutors are fully converse with the current VCE - Victorian Certificate of Education (VIC) curriculum and themselves all achieved ATARS of 90+ as a minimum. Our Prime Math tutors are all well trained and have many years experience tutoring and teaching mathematics. We strive to pass on our knowledge and skills to our clients and give them all the extra help they need to improve their learning skills and their results!


We have tutors for all levels of study and for all levels of ability. Whether the student is struggling and needs a review of the foundations, and be showed first hand step by step at their own pace, or whether the student wishes to perfect their learning skills or develop a complete thorough understanding and get ahead. We have the tutor for you!


  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • VCE Further Mathematics
  • VCE Maths Methods CAS
  • VCE Specialist Mathematics
  • University
  • Adults

Session type:

  • One-to-one
  • Pairs
  • Groups


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*Special prices only applies to individual 'one-on-one' home math tutoring and online math tuition. Pairs, Groups, University and Adult tutoring are available at other discounted prices. Other factors may apply. This special offer is available for a limited time, secure it now, enquire today.


Why Choose Us


Our qualified Math tutors provide each student with an individually tailored program, be it online tutoring or in home tutoring, designed to complement the student's particular syllabus or curriculum, with scope for extension or remedial work as required. Math tutors will work with classroom assignments and plan for upcoming tests, so that students are well prepared for Maths throughout the school year.

Math tutors are selected on their academic background, skill level and experience, personality, manner, motivation and reliability.

Private Math tutors are available in Melbourne and the outer eastern suburbs. Additionally, our premium one-on-one online math tutoring is Avaibliable Australia wide and Worldwide.


Math Tutoring Success
Our greatest reward is the positive feedback we get from parents who report their children are now confident and happy in school as a result of our private math tutoring programs.


Students spend 50% of their waking hours at school or doing homework, and something that occupies such a large amount of time inevitably plays a big role in their happiness.

School is tough - there are social, emotional, and academic challenges.
Ultimately, the end goal of a Prime Math tutoring program is improved performance in math, whether it is basic arithmetic in primary school, algebra or a trigonometry class in high school.

Each of those improvements is easily measurable - an A on quiz, an outstanding test, or a math grade worthy of the refrigerator door.

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Personalized, One-on-One Math Tutoring
(Note: Pairs and group sessions are also available)


With one-on-one math tutoring, your child will be able to learn at his or her own pace. Our tutors can come to your home in person or online and review concepts until it's clear that the student has mastered them, and new ones are introduced only when your child is ready.

Importantly, a primary goal of our personalized math tutoring programs is to help your child prepare for and succeed on important quizzes and tests. This involves reviewing homework assignments, discussing key concepts and techniques, and working through practice problems together.
Most importantly, our tutors help students take ownership for their learning, with the goal of making your child an independent and successful math student.

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Expert Math Tutors
The reason for our success is simple: our tutors


They are dedicated individuals who love seeing kids succeed in school, and who recognize the importance of patience and creativity when helping students understand confusing mathematical concepts.

We have an extremely selective hiring and training process that screens for teaching and tutoring experience, personality, interests, and math expertise. They possess a mix of college and graduate degrees, and each has a background in mathematics - either as a tutor, student, or a professional who uses math in their job.
They know math, and they know how to teach it in ways your child will understand.

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